Liminality of the Numinous
Chai W. Green

“Liminality of the Numinous” is a project that came out of a period of two years of doing peace and reconciliation work with Protestant and Catholic communities in Northern Ireland. The work revolves around ideas of the numinous revealed in tensions that are found within nature, such as the tension created when a stream flowing out is checked by an incoming tide or wind. In these volatile places, a light is allowed to float and then is photographed with a long exposure. These long exposure pieces are serve as a meditation on the thin place where the physical and the spiritual meet. Meditative photography has been a means for me to deal with the conflict in Northern Ireland by focusing on the spirituality that both religious groups have in common. The creation of these photographs has become a way of expressing my own sense of the numinous within a community of tenuous peace that is caught in the current’s strife.